5 key actions you can take on women’s day , today to support our empowerment

by admin on March 06, 2021
From Clō Stories we admire and support every woman and we want to make you all feel special. With our clothes, we always try to connect with you so you can feel radiant on the inside and the outside. We believe that the key to standing up for women’s right is not only embracing it and talking about it but taking action for yourself to inspire . Today we wanted to share with you 5 women’s day activities you can do to bring your values into life !

1.Gratitude for the women in your life : Write down three things you're grateful for to all the individual women in your life; your mother , grandmother , closest friends or sister . Share these with them by dedicating time for them with a coffee and a call .

2.Practice body positivity : As women we always seem ashamed with our bodies as society has conditioned us to be so, to eventually profit from our insecurities to consume more. Today challenge yourself to writing as many things as you can that you love about your body and soul . Start with your facial features , all the way to your most unique traits . Now it’s time to share by bringing them to life ! Send them to your closest people and discuss these things with them. I’m sure you’ll find many things in common.

3.Write a letter to your younger self : For some reason the youngest versions of ourselves where not as confident as the versions we have become today . Write a letter of empowerment and hope to her saying all the things she should love about herself that at that time you maybe weren’t so familiar with .

4. Women Wisdom : Ask the most important women in your life for a quote of advice and record these in a little notebook . Whenever you're going through a difficult situation we recommend you come back to these to feed off this empowered energy .

5. Research women in history : For some reason we’re always told about famous male innovators (Da vinci, Steve jobs...) but never about the amazing women that did amazing things. It’s especially important to speak to our youngest girls around you , about this to break any limiting beliefs about what women can or cannot do !

At Clo we're inspired by 5 vibrant women in history;

GABRIELE Münter - Painter and founding member of the expressionism

GRETE Meisel Hess - Novelist and women’s liberation writer

SIMONE de Beauvoir - Writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, feminist and social theorist

OLIMPIA de Gouges - Playwright and political and feminist activist

COLETTE - Novelist, journalist, mime and actress

Researching all of these amazing women will inspire you to also achieve great things and perceive the fact that you are a women as a strength instead of limitation !

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