Clō muses : An interview with Barcelona-based illustrator Sophia Pega

by admin on March 05, 2021
1.What inspired you to become an illustrator?

As a child I used to have these precious moments with my mom, the two of us alone painting for hours at her house, obsessed with our own worlds. I remember a book we made together, about a princess discovering a diamond that makes your wishes come true. In the story she travels, she attends a ball where a dragon kidnaps her and takes her to the desert, she eats coconuts with an Indian person, The villains steal her diamond and she robs the stone back attacking them together with a group of ants. They say everything that defines us is determined by our childhood, I’m certain that those moments were the seed of who I am.

2.How would you define your aesthetic?

Figurative and symbolic.

3.How do you find the creative process from inspiration to creation? Do you have a way that is unique to you?

Daily objects have a special role in my creative process, I feel attracted to them because they have the capacity to unleash memories and fantasies, they serve as detonants for my mind to start remembering and inventing. They can also become symbols and manifestations of certain ideas if I draw them over and over while being in a specific state of mind.

I tend to take pictures of all the objects that I find important or representative of a moment, and return to them, to that archive, when I start painting. I think they contain stories yet to be told-

4.What do you seek to transmit through your work?

I paint memories from my childhood, cherished moments from the past and the present, dreamed dreams and fantasies. It’s all very symbolic, but I guess some of it gets transmitted.

5.What do you find is the hardest part of the creative process?

Sometimes it’s hard simply to start the process because I'm easily distracted by what's around me, the key is entering the creative bubble where I can finally focus and it all flows and comes together seamlessly .

6.What inspires you about Clō stories?

It's fresh, just like a bowl of fruits, yet warm and soft, like the end of summer. It makes me think of peaches and strawberries, cool condensed water dripping from a glass bottle, mixed with sand made of little bits of pink shells or blurry sun.