Mamita x Clo Stories Collaboration: The Interview

by admin on August 27, 2021
Skincare is a science – as some people overlook it, others consider a sacred part of their life. Skincare is also very broad, it all depends on one’s skin type, resulting in a super large industry – the reason why its carefully curated by inventors. For that reason, , Clo Stories has the honor to announce an exciting collaboration with one of our favourite skin scare companies based in Barcelona: Mamita.

As we differ in offering different products, Clo Stories and Mamita actually follow the same philosophy: as we’re both born in Barcelone, both companies are aiming at creating a more sustainable and natural world, followed by curating clothing and produces from local sources.

We’re ecstatic to have Mamita on board!

Can you tell us about your brand?

We believe and go by our manifesto - The state of our skin is not permanent, it responds to inhabits, emotions, climate, food and products that we put on it or in the environment. At MAMITA BOTANICAL SKINCARE we offer comprehensive care, so we bring the ritual to your pace of life and accompany you according to the moment you are. All our products formulated with the highest range of natural active principles, stimulate cell regeneration and help repair tissues offering visible results.

How long have you been into the cosmetic field?

Almost all my life.... at 23? I had a rosacea outbreak and I decided to investigate through natural pathways. When I found my way through it and reached my skin’s best outcome I wanted to help people that are going through the same struggles I went through.

What were some major challenges you face or are facing?

Our struggle just like every other small business is to continually keep developing and innovation despite emerging competition and the major brands.

What makes your products different than existing brands?

Our product line is focused on sensitive skin, is 100% natural. We don’t only limit ourselves with helping individuals with skincare, but we try keeping our brand as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Our containers are made of silkscreen glass, so we avoid using more paper or plastic.

Can you give us information about the products you use?

I use the whole range, between the 2 cleaners, the nutritious, since I suffer from rosacea, therefore it gives my skin the push and help it needs.

What are some summer essential products, like before/after the sun?

Before sun exposure, a good exfoliation is essential, always at night. After the sun, hydrate and preserve the tan of the skin, our revitalising oil, which can also be used to nourish your hair.

Here’s a step by step guide by Mamita on the products and application

Step 1- Exfoliating with turmeric and karité. It helps us eliminate dead cells from the skin so that it is regenerated and looks softer, smooth and without impurities. It is highly recommended to exfoliate the skin at this time of year as it helps us to have a uniform and more durable tan.

Step 2: ELIXIR tonic, stimulates refreshes and balances our skin. Ideal to equilibrate the T zone and the shines of the skin.

Step 3: Mask with wildflowers. It calms and nourishes the skin helping that it look clean and calm. In summer it is important to pay special attention to the care of our skin since being exposed to the sun since it damages the skin. Being constant with the application of masks is very important and essential to achieve a healthier skin.

Step 5: We apply the cute cream to hydrate and protect our skin.

Step 6: At night we will apply the Super Linda Sérum with a soft massage that will provide antioxidants that will help to regenerate our skin and decrease spots and wrinkles. Its essential oils bring us calm and will help us to have a quiet dream.

Nourishing our entire body helps maintain tanning naturally and activate the circulation of our body; we will apply the revitalising oil.

If we want to protect our hair from external aggressions we will make a mask applying it from long tips and letting it act all night.