How to embed the 4 R's in your lifestyle philosophy

by admin on January 10, 2021
For this new year we wanted to re-evaluate the 4 R’s and what they mean to us, to inspire you the conscious woman in her sustainable lifestyle journey

1. Reduce: Less is more. We value minimalism & durability and focus on prioritizing quality and minimizing waste within the design process, to contradict the ephemerality & “quantity” culture of the traditional fashion industry. As the world’s resources are becoming more scarce we need to start valuing what we have and reducing what we own, focusing on value and care . We believe in owning less and making it last more. We love the wear our values initiative, who focus on brand-customer value to assure clothes support people & planet.

A key way we seek to reduce the quantity of garments in your wardrobe is by creating reversible swimwear pieces like this one, where you can have two pieces in one.

Your activity: Think of 5 outfits with one single garment , try to create different looks for diverse occasions.

2.Reuse: We love re-using fabrics and materials we currently have to re-work them into a new piece, as this extends the lifecycle of every piece , and we believe creativity is a key tool in changing your perspective around your everyday world , and seeing the potential and in visioning something unique with what is around you. Upcycling is the key concept focusing around re-using materials to create a new fashion piece.

Your activity: A great way to begin re-using is by undertaking a DIY project , here are some ideas

3.Recycle: At clo we focus on investing in recycled materials such as polyamide & econyl in our swimsuits , and recycled cotton within our knit garments , we believe recycling is a form of re-using

Your activity: You can simply start by recycling your garments into the specialized textile bin, and separating plastics, organics and papers, within your every day life, we recommend having three separate bins and labelling them to make the process easier.

4.Rethink: The reason we started our line is to re-think the current fashion system , carefully considering every decision within our supply chain , from using recycled materials, deciding to produce in spain , encouraging traceability , as well as giving to organizations that work to support causes aligned with our values such as world clean up day to avoid plastic waste

Your activity : Evaluate the lifestyle decisions you take everyday and if they have negative consequences on the planet think , about alternative ways you can re-think these actions for positive impact, for inspiration we recommend this article:

Making decisions that protect our environment sometimes take more time than those that don’t. It is always in your hands to decide in what way you invest your time. In Clō Stories we seek to inspire you to take the path that is better for your wellbeing and the planet’s.