Discover the First Collection of recycled Intimate Apparel by Clō Stories

by Mae Knapougel on October 20, 2022


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Welcome October!

We are launching our first sustainable capsule collection of intimate apparel on demand, inspired by Barcelona and Provence, two places full of magic and positive energy.

Underwear is a garment that needs to be treated with great care and respect, as it is responsible for dressing and protecting delicate and very intimate areas of our body.

Also, without being an expert on that, did you know that it reflects a part of your personality? That is the type and/or style of intimate apparel you buy at a given moment can illustrate a hidden part of your emotional life?


A 100% sustainable underwear collection

The delicate line of intimate apparel from Clō Stories:

  • encompasses everything that the brand and essence transmits,
  • enhances the natural beauty of the body,
  • accommodates all body types,
  • contributes to the reuse of garments.

Sustainable Intimate Apparel(Gabrielle Balconette Top)


It is 100% eco-friendly and locally produced

Our purpose with this new intimate apparel collection is to offer garments of high femininity and great elegance. We have dedicated all our time, study and effort to create feminine underwear that is comfortable for the body and kind to the skin.


Provencal style intimate apparel

The chosen fabrics are recycled French lace, in lavender colors, with a very Provençal floral motif. The ecru and black polka dot is made of a subtle and delicate velvet. The recycled lace is complemented by ribbed and plain organic cotton, to create a good combination and protect the intimate area.

The shapes are designed with “best seller” patterns from the swimsuit collection such as:

  • the Gabrielle Top, a hoop balconette;
  • the Selma top, a more minimal balcony;
  • the Simone triangle top.

As for the panties, it includes the new Brazilian Leila with a ruffle detail, along with the high-waisted panty and the mid-rise panty, always present in the Clō collection.

As in the swimwear collection, the clothes can be combined with each other. The Clō Stories client chooses what best suits her body, with total freedom of styles, combinations and sizes, to create the perfect outfit. This facilitates styling and represents a great time saver.

The new collection is made of recycled polyamide and organic cotton, sustainable and local fabrics, manufactured in Catalonia and France. Also, if you didn't already know, the Clō Stories factories are located in Barcelona. In this way, we are not only participating and supporting local businesses, but we are also reducing the impact of Co2 on the environment.

100% organic underwear(Agnès Undies Brief Bottom)


Empowering Feminine Underwear

Like the rest of the brand, the intimate apparel collection is inspired by female figures who broke barriers and fought for women's rights and for this reason the garments bear their names, such as Leila Khaled, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette or Simone de Beauvoir.

Because at Clō Stories we believe that the way you dress defines your emotional state, and that the lives of other women can inspire and enlighten us.

We want to motivate you to be the best version of yourself through our clothes with soft and feminine colors, in pure and delicate tones, with the best quality raw materials and generating a positive impact for the Earth in general.

We want you to feel empowered and sensual, elegant and confident.